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  • Visa Revalidated

    Hello Immihelp,
    I was working with company A and have a visa stamped on my passport valid upto 2003. I was laid off on the 20th of april. I was given time upto the 27th to sign the release letter. They were providing a ticket back home but I refused because company B mailed my visa petition on the 20th of april. i now have an approved visa with company b. Now my current assignment requires international travel. I know my legal status is ok. my only question is about my travel and reentry. If company A had revoked my petition due to the lay off, can i still travel on their visa along with the new approved petition from company b. or do I have to get my visa revalidated?

    Thank you,

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    Hi There,

    Visa stamping is required to show your legal status in the country, every time you move in or out .
    Whenever you change your job, it is better to get it stamped in your passport so that you can have your records straight & it avoids you getting into any unnecassary hassle.
    As of right now you should get the new status done in your passport.


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      Dont Worry. U r OK just carry ur Receipt of Filing Ur H1 and That alone is good enuff for u. Sine U cannot revaidate ur visa till H1 arrives carrying the recipt is good enuff.