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H1-B Visa and transfer to L1 visa

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  • H1-B Visa and transfer to L1 visa


    We have a company in India and one of the partners in the company has been working in US on an H1-B visa for the last 5.5 years. His H1-B visa will be expiring in Jan 2002 and is looking at joing our company full time. The company would like to bring him to US on an L1 visa once they have an office here in the next 2 weeks.

    Is it possible to get an L1 visa since he was not physically working outside US in an executive capacity?

    Are there options / alternatives?

    We understand that he could come here on a B1 visa but what happens after that. If we would like him to come here and manage the US operations on a long term basis, what should be done.