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H1-B Visa Question

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  • H1-B Visa Question


    I have a contract from a US company but I don't have a bachelor's degree. I have been in the university for a year and proof of 6 years of experience. What chances do I have to get an H1B?

    Best Regards,
    Juan Herrera

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    Hi Juan,

    In your case it depends upon as to how the attorney has prepared your case. In the sense that your work experience qualifies you to be the right candidate for that particular job.

    Degree comes in as a secondry issue. I know of a person who is not a graduate, & he got his job on the basis of the work experience rather than a degree.

    His H1 came thru no problem.So i guess you stand a firly good chance with 6 yrs of experience

    Good Luck