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Bringing Wife on H4....Urgent Please Help!!

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  • Bringing Wife on H4....Urgent Please Help!!

    Hi I am on H1 and live in US. I am going to be married in India. My fiance live in India. Please advice as to what documents are reqd. to bring her on H4 with me. Also, I have another issue. She has a passport from Madras consulate where as my passport is from New Delhi. Will that be an issue as to where she has to apply for H4. Please also advice the current procedure and how much time it takes to get H4 visa.

    I will really appreciate your help. Thanks very much.

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    Bringing Wife on H4....Urgent Please Help!!

    List of items to give to your wife when she goes to the
    consulate(Delhi, because it should not be a problem. Anyway, try to get some info on this).
    The visa stamping is done the same day as with H1 visa stamp.

    1).Original Marriage certificate(you can get this from the sub registrar's office in one day.You will have to plan accordingly).
    2).(Optional, but good idea)Original bank statement from your US bank showing amount in savings and checking accts(around $5,000 total)
    3).Your original H1 approval notice.
    4).Original letter from your employer stating your valid employment.
    5).Notarized copies of:
    a). Your employment offer letter.
    b). Passport(all the important pages including visa and I-94 card)
    c). Your health/dental insurance
    d). Most recent paystubs
    e). (Optional, but good idea)Any utility bills, apt lease agreement showing your name
    6).Your wife has to take an wedding invitation card and wedding album.
    Also, arrange the photos in this order: You and your wife's photo, photo showing tying of mangalsutra and a couple other photos
    of ceremony(with you and your wife) and lastly a group photo showing a group photo with parents and friends. The official at the counter will not have the patience/time to look at the whole album(literally).

    Hope this list is exhaustive enough.