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Very troubled situation reg H4

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  • Very troubled situation reg H4

    I always see this board for any clarification. I am facing a difficult question need your help.

    I am on H1 and intend to resign and go back home. My wife on H4 just refuses to go. She may get visitors visa or file H1 petition in a few days using any unfair means only to give birth to our child only for US citizenship to the child. Also, her I-94 is set to expire in a few days.

    What can I do? If I request INS with these facts, will they act to force her to return to my country with me when I resign?

    She can even charge me falsely for anything or claim that she is unable to travel. Please tell me if immigration laws can be useful in my case?

    One additional fact is that she worked illegally on cash about 9 months ago but I have no concrete proof except tell INS the details. Given my current situation, should INS be informed of this?