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H1 case spoiled by company

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  • H1 case spoiled by company

    Here is the case: Currently on H4
    Company A filed for H1. Did some mistakes in filing like wrong name (in passport it is different from what they put on petition), number of years of experience. (Beneficiary has computer Engineering degree and 3 years exp.).Now there is an RFE with two questions. 1)Beneficiary not same as applicant, 2)produce experience letter and previous INS approvals.
    The HR is least cooperative (could be for the bad market).
    Company B is ready to file H1. Is there any risk? Will the first H1 applicaion affect the new petition or will the two be entirely exclusive of each other?
    Please reply. Any insight will be useful.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    There will be NO effect. Both are independent.
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