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Filed H1B without LCA

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  • Filed H1B without LCA


    I wanted some info on this.
    I filed for a fresh H1B without DOL issuing the LCA.
    It was filed on Feb 16th.
    I have received the LCA now.

    As of today, INS is still processing applications
    that were received on Jan 29th.

    Should I wait until they reach my application,
    send an RFE for the LCA, and then send it to them,

    or can I

    a) Send the LCA to them directly with my WAC number
    as a reference number
    b) Go to the INS office in Irvine and present the LCA
    and ask if it could be added to the application
    so that its complete when they pick it up for

    How long does it take these days to process applications
    from Jan 29th through Feb 16th?

    Once they send in an RFE and receive the LCA, how long
    does it take for them to process and issue the H1B?

    When they find the LCA is missing and I send it in later,
    will my application filig date remain as Feb 16th, or will
    it be pushed down to the date on which they will receive
    the LCA from me, which could be a month from now? And then
    I would have to wait until they reach applications received in May?

    Also, I was on an F-1 and that expired some months
    back. Do I need to leave the country, or can I stay here
    since I have received the LCA and my H1B is being processed?

    Thanks in advance!