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Status related question. (Reddy)

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  • Status related question. (Reddy)


    One of my friends got status related question..
    Will appreciate your earliest repliest..

    He is on H1-B working .. Leagal no problem..
    His wife came here on H4 in 1998 (which expired on July 1st 2000).. While she is on H4 she applied for H1 got approval in 1998, but didnt worked until last few months.. (This H1 is valid until Oct 2001.. and that new H1's I-94 is valid until Oct-2001.)

    Here is the qustion :
    Even after she got her H1 approved.. since she didnt worked to that company until her H4 is expired.. she went to her home country on H4 and came back on H4..
    Since she got her H1, she thought of working and so didnt extended her H4.. and after 10 months of her H4 expired she started working on Her H1 which was approved in 1998 and valid until Oct 2001..

    Now she want to get it stamped on her passport with her H1.. She took an appointment in Mexico for next week..

    Will there be any problem in getting it stamped ?
    If there is any problem .. can she get it stamped for H4 ?

    If there is any problem.. Can she come back to USA as usual.. on H4 or H1..

    Need leagal advice immideatly..