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H1 Visa Stamp (Revalidation)

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  • H1 Visa Stamp (Revalidation)

    I came to US one and a half year back on L1 visa. My I-94 expired on Nov 21st 2000 and I applied for a new H1 thru' another company before my L1 expiry and got my status changed to H1. Now I have my new I-94 (valid till 2003) at the bottom of the approval notice. I would like to know whether can I send my passport to St. Louis for H1 Stamping

    Some where I read that revalidation is possible only if the category of visa being sought is same as the category of visa stamped earlier on the passport.

    Please clarify.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    you can do revalidation when you visit India next time,
    since your I-94 dates never expired, your stay till then is legal.