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Pay stub issue

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  • Pay stub issue

    I came to the US on a H1 sponsored by company "A" a few weeks back. "A" is software consulting company and is trying to find a client for me. Meanwhile, "A" is paying me 250 dollars a week and is providing accommodation (this amount is very less than the compensation as mentioned in the offer letter from "A" and the corresponding employment contract. "A" says that once I am on a project, i.e start working for a client, I will get the full salary ). This amount is paid in CASH or deposited in CASH into my bank account and I am not given any receipt or pay stub. Is this legal ?
    Now I have an offer from company "B" and "B" wants to file a H1 transfer, but since one of the documents to be submitted for H1 transfer is a pay stub, which I don't have right now, I am stuck. What options do I have ?
    I will be EXTREMELY grateful for a prompt reply.
    Thanks in advance.

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    be loyal to company A, wait for atleast 2 months after coming into USA, convince them (A) that since they could not get a project for you, atleast give two paychecks to you, many help that way, then go for other company B and file transfer.

    That would be risk less.


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      Ask company B to file new H1 instead of transfering from other company.

      I think that should solve ur problem.