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H4 Stamping problem

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  • H4 Stamping problem

    Hi ,

    My wife's application for H4 has currently being held by Mumbai consulate for verification of "marriage registration" . Its been more than 6 weeks now and there is no reply either positive or negative. Does any one has a similar experience before and has any idea how much time does it take to have a response after such a verification ?


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    This is not normal.

    Usually the consulate stamps H4 within a day. Did you accompany all the documents as a proof of your marriage such as Marriage Registration, photos and invitation card?

    What other documents youo provided?
    What documents have they asked?

    You need to call them to find out the status. May be it is a good idea to have someone visit the consulate.


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      Thanks for the response.

      yes, my wife did carried all the documents. the person behind the counter was an American and seems was not sure of the procedure (may be a new person !) , he consulted with some other colleagues, and returned all the documents to my wife, EXCEPT original marriage registration certificate, which he KEPT WITH HIM.

      While I was in India myself and my wife tried to go in person to consulate multiple times to inquire , but they insist us to wait till they make a call to our home and suggest not to inquire in person.

      Even if my wife calls them on the phone , they repeat the same reply.

      Any ideas/ suggestions ?

      Thanks in advance .


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        This is absurd

        1. They should not have taken your originals.
        2. It is unknown treatment. I am sure if anyone had to go through this. Others experience is required to analyze the situation.
        They have to tell your wife the reason for denial, if any.
        She has to ask them, How long she needs to wait ?


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          Re: This is absurd

          Yes, I agree with you, this is totally absurd.
          The point here is , they still haven't denied it , its on Hold. As you have rightly said, if they deny , they have to give a reason, but they haven't denied it yet , nor has been approved - just on hold.

          I checked with some of the lawyers here in US, per them , the embassy is not bind by any law as to within how many number of days they have to reply to an application , either approved or denied.

          Can embassy hold my original marriage registration indefinitely ?

          Embassy is tight lipped and only asks us to wait wait and wait , the question - is how long ?

          Thanks for your opinion.


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            Send a letter through Attorney

            Hire a good attorney, send a certified letter to Consulate through Attorney. Generally, they reply. In the rare cases they will not reply to the letter from attorney.


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              Thanks for the advice , I consulted one good attorney . He too is unheard of such instance. My only concern is if I send letter thru my attorney, will it back fire on me , will consulate be offended, and use it against me , since consulate is not bound by any law as to reply in stipulated time , I don't have any legal ground . All I can do is a request, which I already did by sending a letter to consulate general , and which of course is unreplied yet.

              What do you think ?