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H4 Revalidation

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  • H4 Revalidation


    My friend's H1 is going to expire on 5th March. His employer(A) is going to file H1 & H4 visa ext. within couple of weeks. Also he filed for the visa transfer for company B.

    His wife's h4 is going to expire on 5th March too & right now she is India and wants to come back US in April.

    1. Could she come back after visa expired & H4 ext. filed in INS?
    2. In another case, means if my friend got H1 for company B, could she come back in April with new H1 approval & her old h4 expired? Could she stamped h4 visa again in India with new h1 approval?


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    1. No. Visa has to be valid to enter the country
    2. She has to wait to get the H1 extention / new H1 based on which she can apply for visa again to enter. H4 extention applies only if the person is already here and applying for extention.

    Again this only to my knowledge. Use at your own discretion.