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6 Year H1 Extension

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  • 6 Year H1 Extension


    My H1-B (completing 6 years) will be expiring in Mar. 2001.
    My labor and I-140 are approved in EB-3 (Priority Date: Dec. 97).
    My priority date is not current. I am planning on applying for
    a H1-B extension under the new law (S.2045) within the next
    couple of weeks.

    1) Am I eligible for the H1-B extension?

    2) Are anyone of you or any you know in a position such as mine?
    If so, could you please advise as what steps should I take. Has
    anyone who has applied received the H1-B from the INS or any
    sort of notice, if so, what does it contain?
    Has the law been implemented by the INS yet?

    Your valuable input is appreciated.


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    1) Yes, you can. It is what new law for.
    2) I guess there might be few people gone through this process. The extension will be same as you did your first 3 year extension with added proof on your I140 etc. Your lawyer should have these information.


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      Hi, I am in same boat as you, waiting for PD to be current Jun'98/EB3/LC**40 approved. H1 expires April, 2001. We can exchange info at [email protected]. Thanks


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        H1-B beyond 6 year

        I am in the same boat as you guys.

        My H-1B (6yr) is expiring by Feb 14, 2001
        and my I applied for extension in
        Nov 6,2000 and still waiting for it