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Stamping done 5 months back.Can i still use the s?

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  • Stamping done 5 months back.Can i still use the s?

    Hi All!
    My current H-1B visa has been issued to me for a period of a little above 2 years and it expires in Feb 2003.Although there is still plenty of time I would like to know the different avenues by which i can continue my LEGAL Stay in the US. beyond Feb 2003.The 2 choices that i know are
    1.To get an extension of my current visa
    2.To apply for another visa (?Transfer) from another company
    My question is
    1.How early can one apply for the extension of current visa?
    2.If another company is willing to sponsor me for another H-1B visa then does it amount to New H-1B or is it case of Transfer?Also in case of Transfer can the applying company file for a further duration ie. my present visa expires in Feb 2003 then can the Transferring company apply say for a further 2 years upto Feb 2005?
    I shall be really Thankful if you can provide some info on the above.
    Thanking You!

    Jagdish Pendse