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4 days of invalid status

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  • 4 days of invalid status

    I came to the US on F1 visa which is valid till 15 Feb 2001, but my OPT expired on 1 Dec 2000. My H1 certification was issued on 5 Dec 2000. Will I be considered as being on invalid status for the 4 days between 1st Dec 2000 & 5th Dec 2000?
    Now i'm planning to go to Tijuana, Mexico to get the H1 stamp on my passport, will those 4 days of invalid status pose any problems?
    What kind of visa do i need to enter Mexico? Is it possible to tour the city of Tijuana on that visa.

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    I remember that you can stay for 60 days after your F-1 period is over before you go out of status. Check with your school's international student office ... they will know the answer to this.

    In your case, if you had applied for a H-1B before your OPT time expired, you should be fine (dont even need to check about the 60 day period). To be more clear: If the "receipt date" field in the H-1B approval notice is before the date when your OPT expired, you are not out of status. How ever, you should not be working between the period when the OPT expired and the H-1B got approved.