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H1b Query in case of leaving USA for one Year

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  • H1b Query in case of leaving USA for one Year

    H1b Query

    1. My H1b is valid till 2010. I am leaving USA for one year in AUg 2008.

    2. If I come back after that and will like to continue working , will I need to apply for totally new H1B for new employer as my previous employer will terminate for that time period or just be change of status?.
    3. In case if it will ne new H1b application, will that fall in H1B- quota category or would I be issued H1b out of Quota.

    Please let me know if you havev any answer for thsee
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    It will not be a cap-subject petition. You are cap-exempt under the "remainder option". Search with "remainder" on the form.
    Check out H1 FAQs first!