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H4 request and extension

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  • H4 request and extension

    Hi Sir,
    We applied for H4 last December 07 (based on an approved H1 petition from Nov 05) but have not yet received any response. They asked for addtl documents in April 08 which we promptly submitted. In this letter they said to expect a decision in 60 days but they did not send anything. We called the number on the document but they had no answers except to look at the current processing dates (which went backwards from sept 07 to aug 07 on the last report- June 08). My husband's company has applied for extension for H1B (expires Nov 08). They have not received a receipt #,, but once they do,my question is:
    - Do we need to wait for approval from the 1st petition (Dec 07) before submitting an extension for H4?

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    Could anyone answer this question please?