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  • H1 Renewal Question


    I'm planning to apply for my H1B extension and my wife's H4 extension. I've around 10 months of vacation time outside of the US. Since i've my labor approved, do i have the following choices with respect to my renewal?

    1. Apply for an extension based on the vacation time spent outside the US. (which will give me at least 10 months extension). If i go with this option what should i provide as a proof for the vacation time outside the US. I don't have the copies of all I-94 issued for me.

    2. Apply for an extension based on the labor approval (which i guess will give me 1 year extension at a time)

    I would like to know, if i have both the choices available, which one would you suggest me to go with? Please let me know if i have only 1 of the above choices.

    Thanks for your help.
    - A Ramanujam -

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    You can recap the time spent based on entry stamps on the passport from other countries.

    You can get the extension based on the labor and this recap time. Your choice. It could also be possible to get 12**0 month extension at once. Talk to your attorney.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.