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B2 to H4 pending while in New York - not sure if I've overstayed?

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  • B2 to H4 pending while in New York - not sure if I've overstayed?

    I'm a Hong Kong born-Canadian Citizen who holds a valid Canadian passport (exp. Jan 20, 2009). I was living & working in Hong Kong for a year and a half. I came to New York from Hong Kong as a visitor status to visit my boyfriend (Canadian Citizen like me but with H1-B) in Nov 2007. I wasn't going to stay for long, but he proposed to me in Feb 2008 and at the heat of the moment, we got married in New York in March 2008. My husband (now) has filed H4 for me through his company since March, we didn't think it'd take that long, but it's still pending at the moment (I assume 'cuz still haven't heard anything from it), and as I'm waiting for it, I didn't realize I've overstayed my 180 days (from Nov 2007) as Canadian visitor. My last entry stamp into New York from Hong Kong in my passport is marked Nov. 25, 2007 Class until "B2", and under the line, it marked "n/c" (I think)? I know "B2" means "visitor", but I don't know what "n/c" means.

    1. What does "n/c" means in the stamp below "B2"?
    2. Am I in trouble?
    3. Have I really "overstayed" since I hold a Canadian passport, and I was never given any "I-94" or any expiry date on my stay?
    4. When or how do they count my 180 days?? From Nov 2007 when I came in or from March 2008 when I filed for H4?
    5. Am I "out-of-status"? What status am I now technically?
    6. Should I keep on waiting for my H4 while staying in New York?
    7. Should I go back to Hong Kong to "complete" my journey assuming I've taken a long holiday and now I'm going back to work there?
    8. Should I first go back to Hong Kong to "complete" my journey, then go back home to Canada, then come back to New York with all the neccessary documents and get my H4 there when I enter New York?
    9. Will they not grant me the H4 because I've overstayed?
    10. Will they really know I've overstayed since I was never given any I-94 as Canadian visitor (except when I was on F1 and TN)?

    Could anyone please help me? I'm so confused, worried, and going out of my mind. I can't get any straight answer from anyone or anywhere! It's been so frustrating! I really don't know what to do. I just need to know if I need to leave right now, because I don't want to continue breaking any law.

    I'd really appreciate it if you could help me clear up my confusion. Thank you so much for your time.
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