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Renewal of H-1 and H-4, Form DS-156 Queries

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  • Renewal of H-1 and H-4, Form DS-156 Queries

    Hi All,
    I have few very basic questions about filling in DS-156 and DS-157 (renewing my H-1 Visa and H-4 for my family.) My first Visa term of 3 years is over and I am going back to India and will need to renew my Visa while coming back.

    Following does not seem to be answered in sample forms on this website, hence these queries.

    While filling up the form DS-156

    1. In section 15 and 16 that ask for Home Addrsess and phone numbers: Should I be filling my current US Address and Phone Numbers where I am living for last couple of years ?

    2. In section 25, where it asks for Who I will be staying with?: Of course I think I should again be giving my own current address in USA. Also I hope same US address needs to be given on Form DS 157 section 8. Could any one pl confirm.

    3. IN section 26: What duration should I Provide: Same as that of my validity of I-797 Notice?

    4. In section 27 Purpose of Trip : I guess this should be of course working in USA. Pl confirm

    Appreciate any response to this asap for me to take an online appointment. Thanks to you all.


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    You have got all of them right. You just needed a confirmation I guess. They were not answered in sample forms as it probably was considered common sense.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Renewal of H-1 and H-4, Form DS-156 Queries

      Thanks TXH1B,
      Yes I very much needed a confirmation and just did not want to take a chance with my common sense! Well at least not when it came to H1-B and risks associated with it in terms of time delays (I am on tight rope and did not want to go wrong on basics) and probable whims of consular officer!
      Thanks again for a prompt reply.