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H1B- renewal or fresh- Urgent query

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  • H1B- renewal or fresh- Urgent query

    I was issued a H1b visa stamp way back in april 2006(h1b petition approved in 2005), while i was working with a top indian software exporter. but i left the company in may 2006 to pursue post graduation in india itself and never went to the usa.while i was resigning i also returned the petition in original to company and just retained photocopies.the h1b visa expired in march 2008

    i have joined another prime software exporter in india after mba but in a mangerial capacity in june 2008.have some questions:

    1. do i now come in the 55K quaota and have to undergo the lottery process if i want to go via h1b route through my new company?

    2. what is the best and simplest way with my status to go to the usa on h1b?

    3. is it still possible that i can renew and need not apply in fresh if my new company sponsors the petition again and bypass the lottery and cap?

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