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Changing from H-1 to H-4

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  • Changing from H-1 to H-4

    Hello members, please advise -- your help is greatly appreciated! I'm currently working in the US (H-1B) but am planning to change to H-4. Have the following questions regarding the H-4 process:
    1. For supporting documents, I'm going to include scanned copies of the following: my pay stubs for the past 3 months; relevant pages from my husband's and my passport; I-94 & H-1B (both mine and my husband's); last 3 pay stubs of my husband; marriage affidavit as substitute to marriage certificate. Do we need to provide any other documents?
    2. Does the USCIS accept a notarized affidavit from my husband's brother-in-law as a substitute to an official marriage certificate? Do we need to submit a "Non-availability certificate" from the registrar office at the venue of our wedding to confirm the non-availability of marriage certificate?
    3. Can I resign from my present job as soon as we file the H-4 petition?
    4. My husband got a new passport after our marriage but it doesn't have my name on it. My passport which is valid until 2010 doesn't have my husband's name either. Is this a problem?

    I apologize for the lengthy message but wanted to be clear enough. Thanks in advance for your time & help -- it's truly appreciated!
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