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Two Valid US visas at the same time

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  • Two Valid US visas at the same time


    My daughter had visited US twice on two different B1/B2 visas. First B1/B2 visa expired already and the second B1/B2 visa is still valid till 2009. In the meantime she got married and got her H4 Visa stamped at Chennai last week. The US Consulate in chennai had cancelled her first B1/B2 visa which is already expired but left the second B1/B2 visa (which is valid till 2009) as it is. Now she is holding two valid US visas (one B1/B2 and the recent H4 visa). Is it okay to have two valid US visas or one need to be cancelled?. She has left India already and is in Dubai now. Please advise

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    B1/B2 and H4 visas are 2 separate identities and so one can have 2 visas. The VO himself has not cancelled the B1/B2 visa which has a validity. So, nothing to worry on this.


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      2 valid visa.H1b and C1. what to use?

      I am Indian working in Chile. I have C1 visa already. I have applied for H1B and I got it stamped in Chile very recently. Now I want to go back to India before joining new job in US with new H1B. So when I travel from Chile to India(through USA) I will be having both C1 and new H1B(H1B never used at port of entry before as it is stamped just now).

      What should I do>

      1. If I say, C1 at port of entry as it is transit visa. Will I have any problem as I also have H1B and not using it(Will I lose it and do I need to go to US consulate again for stamping)?

      2. If I say, H1B at port of entry and leave US the very same day , will there be any problem?