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Need to know about H1-B VISA transfer

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  • txh1b
    You cannot use H1b visa to travel without an approval I797 or without the intention to work. Your company HR should be able to guide you better.

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  • kunalmpawale
    started a topic Need to know about H1-B VISA transfer

    Need to know about H1-B VISA transfer


    I need to know about what is the procedure for H1-B VISA transfer.

    I was working with company A in India till Nov 2007. During the employment with company A they filed H1-B visa and got it approved. Now I have H1-B VISA which was issued on Dec 2006 and valid till Sep 2009. I was supposed to work in US with the subsidiary company of company A. But it never happened.

    After that I joined company B and currently working with B in INDIA office only. Company B is a US based company and they want me to VISIT to US for few months.
    As I haven’t been to US till now and have valid H1-B visa filed by my previous employer, Can I use this VISA to travel to US without transferring?

    Or if I need to transfer it what is the procedure for that.

    Any help on this is appreciated.