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  • H1 transfer

    Hi ,

    I was working with company A for almost 2 years and I got paid all the time from the day one.I got an offer through company B ( company with around 60000 employees)and my H1 transfer(normal) initiated in June 12th and I got receipt number ,dated June 18th(Attorney sent me a scanned copy of 797 receipt).I joined company B on July 14th and started working for their client from 14th.

    Its almost two months now .Processing center is vermont.How long it will take ? I may need to go to India anytime because of my family situation.I am really worried now..

    Is it possible to change the transfer process from normal to premium? Or Can I travel when the transfer is pending?I havent checked with my attorney yet.If there is possibilty to speed up the process, I can ask them.

    Please let me know your suggestions.

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    It's better to get approved petition and travel.
    You can apply for PP(Premium Processing).
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