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    I applied for H1 in 2007 and my H1 is approved and I have the H1 documents with me. Right now i'm in USA on L1A working for my current employer(A).
    I have not joined Company B(H1B Sponser) till now and still working with Company A on L1-A ( I have never got H-1B Stamped), My H1B Sponser(B) called me and informed me they closing the company in 2 weeks; they asking me to change my status to H1B in this 2 weeks of time otherwise my petition will be cancelled.

    In this scenario Can I transfer my visa to Company C without joining Company B.? I will not have paystubs from Company B. But I have the paystubs from Company A.

    I am comfortable with current project which may extend for 1 more year but seems to be it is indispensibe for me to quit and start looking for new job with H1B sponsorer. Do I have any other options

    Please advice me as soon as possible.

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    FIRST change your title of this thread ...

    ... please do not use generic titles, use appropriate words so people can reply quickly and correctly.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation.