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Regarding H1B Visa

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  • Regarding H1B Visa

    I got my H1B stambing from Delhi.But its almost 5 months over still am in India so am planing to move to USA since my husband is there But i jst want to know wat all documents required while traveling.Why because i spoke to my employer they are not ready to send me now since they dont have any project now. Thats why am planing like this can you jst help me for this.

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    If I get your question correctly ...

    ... you will need your visa, your original petition, your employer's letter detailing your job and the project you will work on etc.

    If your employer does not have a project for you then you will have a tough chance entering the country. Beware of it.

    Good luck.


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      You cannot just come on H1 to live with your husband. On H1, you must work and get paid all the time.

      If you were asking about entering on H4 based on your husband's H1, you need H4 visa and the document list can be found on immihelp.
      Check out H1 FAQs first!


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        If you already have a H1 visa, you should be able to get your H1 transferred to a different company. Please check a similar thread here for more details - http://www.immihelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45951


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          Do not enter the country using documents for a company for whom you are not planning to immediately appear for work. If you want to transfer companies, you must wait to receive the new approval to enter.