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H1 Help regarding Tax documents

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  • H1 Help regarding Tax documents

    Need inputs and its urgent

    My Employer is a public listed company.I have interview on
    18th August in Chennai.
    When I asked about Tax And Revenue documents they said that
    its a public listed company and it wont be a problem to u at
    the time of interview and if its really needed then they will
    send it to the consulate directly since its a confedential

    Second thing is that when i asked about the employee wage
    document they said the same thing like its a public listed
    company and consulate people wont ask about it

    Guys i need a help regarding these two things

    Is it safe to go to the emabassy without these two documents
    or i am taking a chance?
    OR Shall I call to consulate and confirm them to send the
    documents regarding tax and revenue?
    If yes then shall i wait until my emplyer send those documents
    to the emabassy then i shall go?

    Please guide me in this regard

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    Yes, your employer ...

    ... is absolutely correct. US Consulate will have the information about a listed company.

    You need not worry about it.

    Imagine if you join Infosys from US and the Indian consulate asking you to bring in the entire employee wage list of Infosys for Indian work visa along with the entire annual report and balance sheet of the company!

    Get it?

    Good luck.


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      Thank u for the reply .