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221(g) case number tracing..

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  • 221(g) case number tracing..

    can anybody send me the link for tracking my case in chennai consulate for
    221(g) pink slip,how long does it take to appear it in the list as i attended interview on 8th aug,VO gave me a slip for AAP and didn't ask for any additional documents and said just send the passport when status gets changed to PPT,what are the chances of getting visa and how long it might take?Please any guidance would do real good.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi All,
    My status changed from pending Process to Send PPT. What documents do I send along iwth the PPT?
    What are the chances of gettting visa stamped?
    and how long does it take to get my PPT back?


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      Please wait for an e-mail from the consulate. They will mention what to send with passport. It looks like that you are getting your visa.