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need halp for h1-b

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  • need halp for h1-b

    Hello All,
    Greetings! I am new to this forum and seeking for your help. My employer has filed my H1 B on 1 April 2008 @ US. However I have not received any updates from my employer about the status. I am worried that is my employer fooling me by delaying the updates.
    1. Is there any acknowledegement or number given by USCIS after submission of petition and before Lottery Ranadom selection process. If yes what is it called so that i will ask enquire ack. number to my employer.

    2. Employer said that they have not received the EAC number. what is it? when is it given?

    3. By which date/month I should expect to receive EAC number from USCIS? any deadline for it?

    4. If I have not yet received EAC number what it indicate? does it mean that my H1 petition is rejected?

    Please help.

    sandip patel

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    You were not selected in the lottery. Try again next year.


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      Wow! I could see nothing but a size 30 signature!

      I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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        OP is a big time narcissist I think


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          you are not selected sandeep, try next year.. if you don't get anything from USCIS like case number etcc then why you wait more.. it's clear that you are not selected in Lottery system.. best luck for next try..