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  • about H1 visa

    I am juhi mitra. I am staying in california from this february with my husband. I have H4 visa.I did my gradution (b.com with accouants honours) from india that was 3 years course.so I want to know, could I apply for H1 visa?

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    Any Graduate can apply for H1B with spiciality of professional skill or work experience in some good field, read more on home page of immihelp.com under visa category.. of best site for search about h1b is Google.com.. Enjoy...


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      Thankyou omm for your reply.you said any graduate can apply H1B visa,if they had specialty of profesional skill or work experience in any good field.but I have no work experience . so this condition ,could I apply H1B visa?


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        These are possibilities

        1. It depends upon your petitioner how he present your case in USCIS.
        2. In your case education evaluation is needed.
        3. Your petition might get selected in the lottery system but may not be approved.
        4. If petition is approved then it depends on VO, how he/she handles your case while stamping.
        I am not a lawyer and this is not a legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Consult professionals before getting into an action.


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          about H1B

          Thankyou for your information.If my husband apply for green card, in that condition can I get a work permit?? If yes, what kind of processes should be followed??