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To change from H4 to F1 or to wait for GC

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  • To change from H4 to F1 or to wait for GC

    hello all,
    am a little confused here, surely could use your guidance...

    i am currently on a H4 visa while my spouse is on an H1. i am currently studying at the Univ with expected graduation date - around Dec 2009.

    There are good chances that my spouse would be getting a new job offer with a different employer in the next month or so, they will file for a GC for her in 2-3 months.

    I was thinking to change my status to F1 so that i am able to get the benefits of OPT while either waiting for the EAD (of the GC to come) or any employer to file a H-1 for me

    My Questions - 1) How long does it take for the EAD to come after the petition for the GC is filed ? That is the stage i can start working , correct?

    2) When my spouse gets the EAD, do i get mine by default ? Do i have to be on H-4? Or is it ok if i am on a F-1 that time

    3) Can i go back to H-4 from F-1 if necessary

    4) What sort of time frames am i looking at for the visa status changes.

    5) Any other thoughts/details that i need to be aware of

    There is quite a bit of information here and many questions, if you need any clarifications pls do ask

    Await your help on this , thanking you in anticipation :-)