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H1B COS - Plz reply

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  • H1B COS - Plz reply

    First of all I want to thank you guys for all the help that you have been providing. I have gone thru the threads and they have been very useful.

    My status is this:
    L1B visa (Valid till Dec 2008)
    H1B COS approved (Valid from Oct 1 2008)

    I want to work past Oct 1 2008 for my L1b employer.

    From all the threads that l have read this is illegal as then I would be on H1B status. Leapfrog is the only option.

    But my H1B employer is persuading me that I could work for my L1B employer till Dec 2008(without leapfrog) & then join them. There was nothing wrong in it.
    I am really confused. I am in a fix. Any help is appreciated.
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    That will be illegal. Later you might be in trouble, not your employer.


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      There is no grace period concept as your status automatically changes to H1B from Oct 1st.

      However your L1 employer can file COS from H1 to L1.
      But you can not work for L1 employer until COS(H1-L1) gets approved.
      I am not a lawyer and this is not a legal advice. Use it at your own risk. Consult professionals before getting into an action.


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        Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it a lot!