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    I was wondering if for future green applicants it is better to apply while single or married. I heard the procedure may be easier (or faster) when one is single. I don't know if this is true.

    More precisely, my girl-friend has a H1 visa and she is planning to apply for Green card. At the same time we have plans to get married.
    1-Is it advisable to get married,then she applies later for the green card (or finish the green process) or it is better to apply first for the green card (or finish the green card process) then get married later?

    Thanks a lot while waiting for any input

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    You first need to know more about the Green process then you'll know that these are not valid questions to start with. Its not an application for a DL that you get the same day. People wait for years together for it to come through. You should add your name to the application before the last stage atleast (AOS)


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      Your girlfriend cannot just decide to apply for a green card. She must be sponsored by an employer and only if a US citizen is not qualified and does not want the job she holds. Far more people want to get a green card than there are slots avaiable.

      You - and she - need to read the USCIS information about the procedure.