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H1 visa process after paper work and transfer

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  • H1 visa process after paper work and transfer

    1)I have got a mail from my employer ( through them i applied for H1 ) that my H1 papers have got cleared and he will send me the papers for further processing.. Now pls explain me the process from here on..
    2)What do i do with these papers? I am presently not in the country from where i applied H1.
    3)There is some stamping process that i will have to go thru. What is this process? Explain in detail.
    4)Also after recieving the papers when shud i go for stampin?? Can i delay it? If yes , till when?
    5) Suppose i dont wish to work for this employer but wish to continue with my present employer in india and get my H1 transferred to this even before i go for stamping or i go to US. First is this possible? If yes, how?

    I qould be really greatful if some one can answer these in detail.. Sorry fpr my ignorance.

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    Read the forums. You should have understood what you were getting into before applying.