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H4 - Administrative Processing

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  • H4 - Administrative Processing

    My wife applied for H4 visa in June 2008 at US Embassy Islamabad Pakistan.
    The consular section was unable to process the visa application and she was asked to provide further information and documents relating to my Employer (tax refunds, employee list, list of projects, w2 forms for all the employees in the company).
    All these documents were provided to US Embassy with my wife's passport and they were said to contact her in 15 business days, it has been more than a month and recently I inquired with the Embassy about the visa status of her application and received this email from the US Embassy Pakistan.

    The application is undergoing necessary administrative processing as part of the visa issuance and printing process.

    It is difficult to predict the amount of time that administrative processing process will take, but please rest assured that we are handling the case as expeditiously as possible. We recognize that this process can be frustrating for applicants, and regret any inconvenience. We are making several procedural changes in an attempt to make this process less onerous.

    Once the administrative processing is complete, we will contact you.

    I am not sure how long this will take, does anyone know what this message means ? Is she under a background check or something?

    Any insights will be appreciated.