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H4 to H1-B ..eligible for SSN ?

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  • H4 to H1-B ..eligible for SSN ?


    My spouse has her H1-B approved and would be starting her employment from Oct 2008. She went to a bank to open a new account in her name for Direct deposit from the employer, but they asked her for her SSN. When can she apply for her SSN ? She will be on her H4 visa till Sept 2008, and then on her H1-B from Oct 2008.

    Thank you
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    Last year one of my friends went to SSN office with approved petition. The officer at SSN office asked them to come on Oct-1 since the I-94 on 797 is effective from Oct-1.
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      Banks do open accounts with Tax ID as well. As far as SSN goes, they will accept the application only on or after Oct 1st.

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