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Need help - H1 pending from May

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  • Need help - H1 pending from May

    All, My H1 was selected in lottery this year, but there have been no updates since May 13th. My employer who sponsored my H1 needed me to start working in October, and he is now looking at other options since I cannot join.

    Meanwhile, another company has expressed interest in hiring me, but I have to start work in November.

    In my current situation, can I do anything to make it possible that I join the second employer by November? Please advise!


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    Someone - please respond

    In another forum, I saw an update by USCIS that they have completed 59,100 regular (non-masters) H1B approvals and remaining are in progress. However, there will be about 3,600 petitions that were selected in lottery which is beyond the quota of 65,000 so they will not be approved. Is this true? Also, would they have cashed the checks for these 3,600 petitions that will not be processed? The reason I am asking is that my check was cashed (that's how I know the receipt #) and there was a soft update on 9/1. Otherwise it has been same old same old "received and pending" so far from 5/13.

    Any information would be appreciated.