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H4 visa how soon?

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  • H4 visa how soon?

    I am an F1 student and I will be doing OPT from Jan. My employer will petition for H1B for me on April 1 and it will be effective from October 1. (Assuming I get it, even US Masters degree holders cap was reached last year)

    Once I get my approval, how soon can I get H1 stamp before October 1? Also, how soon can my wife apply for an H4 before October 1 or does she have to wait until that day to apply/enter?
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    request for suggestion

    hello friends,
    i am on student visa and one company sponsored h1 for me while i was on f1 visa,and they even cancelled due to some reasons (h1) and my international student advisor said that u r status is terminated from f1 and u r on h1, and when I called the company they said we send cancellation form to INS and it takes 3 months for cancellation, is there any chance that i can transfer to h1 now by talking to lawyer and transfer my h1
    thank you