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Travel and H1 related query

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  • Travel and H1 related query

    Im currently in the US with H1B visa stamped on my passport with a valid stamping with attached I-94 valid upto Oct ' 2009. I recently took up another offer from company B, got a H1 Transfer with the approval and a new I-94 attached till Sept 2011. Im planning to travel to india. My question are :
    1. Do i need to re-stamp my visa to enter the US or just carry the new I-797
    2. If i don't re-stamp, what is the gurantee that i will get a I-94 at POE upto 2011. I believe they will give me something valide upto Oct' 2009. Wat is the procedure to apply to extend the I-94 in this case?

    Please help, Thanks in advance

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    can someone anser this??


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      Stamping only pertains to entry. You may use current stamping with new approval notice. You are likely to obtain i-94 to last date of approval as long as passport not expiring, no error in approval so that time would be over 6 years, etc.


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        Thanks C4us, what if the company A has revoked H1 ??