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visa transfer from h4 to h1b

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  • visa transfer from h4 to h1b

    I came to US on H4 visa and got H1 this year.my status has been changed to h1 on oct 1st.since i got a newborn baby ,m not able to go for work now.i took 2 months leave and planning to start my work on dec.I have applied for SSN and it will take almost 1 month time to get.i can start my work once ssn is also ready.mean time m planning to go to india for 20 days and do the stamping.my questions are

    1)will they ask for pay stub while visa interview?
    2)what is the possibility of getting rejected my H1b visa in this case?

    thanks in advance.

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    You were supposed to report for work on Oct. 1. Do you have paperwork for an approved maternity leave from your employer? Since you will not have worked, be sure to have documented leave.