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when will i get my passport

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  • when will i get my passport

    Hi Friends,
    I attended my H1 interview in Feb 2008 in Chennai and got a 221(G) Blue for additional documents from my employer. I submitted my the additional documents on Oct 2008 at VFS drop box and immediately after two weeks i got another 221(G) Blue requesting me to submit my I797,DS156, DS157 etc along with my Passport in the drop box. Currently I am working in Singapore and I am planning to go on a 3 weeks leave to submit my passport and other documents. Will the consulate return me the passport within this 3 weeks time because i need to travel back to Singapore. Please advice.

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    I think we can submit the passport and requested docs in singapore
    as my consultant also gave a same solution in case of any queries
    I am also working in singapore and planning for my H1B Stamping this
    december.If there is achance to submit in VFS singapore, better do it in singapore..

    By the way, what are the documents u weere asked to submuit when u got 221 slip...


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      Hi Friend,
      I checked with the consulate and they say that I can't do the stamping in Singapore since my visa is already processed in Chennai.


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        Why dont you try to schedule an interview at the Chennai consulate and go in person....

        Check if that is feasible...


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          Hi friend,

          Even i am planning to for stamping in december 2008
          I have already received the documents. please find the list of docs that i
          received from my employer:

          1. reference letter for H1b from employer with letter head and original
          signature of VP

          2. I-797 doc

          3. I-129 doc - 7 Pages

          4. LCA - 4 Pages

          5. Job description letter

          6. Letter of EMployment Offer

          7. Educational evaluation

          8. Offer Letter - Original

          9. Internal Project descrition - 56 pages

          10. I-129 Corporate supporting dcs

          a. Company profile

          b. List of employees wage report

          c. Year 2006 & 2007 tax return

          d. Profit & loss statement - balance sheet standard 2006

          e. State unemployment reports - for IL,TX and others

          f. State 940 Summary for year 2007 quarters

          g. State 943,941 and state wage list for year 2007

          h. Corporation product information

          i. Corporate brochures

          j. Annual W-3 Summary for year 2007

          k. Annual W2 summary few pages

          l. 944 for 2007

          m.State - 941's for 4 Qtrs 2007

          The problem is its a internal project, but thhe employer gave
          a 30 pages project documentation about the technical specs & time involved for pro...

          I am carrying DS 156,DS 157 as wellas my previous employer exp lletter, pay slips for last 36 months,my singapore employment pass,ID card.

          Will this result in a query bcoz i have to leave to chennai immly after stamping .. currently i am planning for 2 weeks stay in india i.e i will be there for 10 working days and i will attend stamping on 1st working day.

          please please kindly suggest and help