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Second 221g form.. Please help..Urgent

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  • Second 221g form.. Please help..Urgent


    I attended H1B Interview last year in London Consulate. I was given 221g form saying "It needs additional administartive processing" (They returned my original I797 form).
    Now I received another 221g which says " You do not appear to qualify for the visa for which you applied. Your Petition will be returned to the U.S Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services office where petition was filed for revocation. You will receive further correspondence on your case from them"

    Please help me what will happen now? I have Masters(Obtained in U.k) & Bachelor degree in Information Technology + 3 years experience. How they can say I am not eligible. Do any one know how long it will take and will they get back to me or employer with result.

    Can you give me any contact number for enquiry with USCIS so that i can ask them about status of my application.
    I checked status on USCIS website with my old receipt number and it still displaying last year message about approval of case

    Please guys help me with all this. I have already spent 1 year for waiting and dont know what those guys doing?



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    It may be a problem with your employer. There are several employers in recent days that have been fined for not properly paying their employees. Other visa holders are filing with the DOL for missing wages. In addition, a recent study has revealed a high rate of fraud in the visa program. I would expect applicants from these employers to experience problems getting future visas.


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      Same story

      Well, c4US is right, even I faced the same because my employer wasn't able to send me W2 and unemployment wage report.
      My attorney says that since my case has been sent back from DOS, INDIA to USCIS...most probably they will respond with NOID.
      The case being sent back will take helluva lot of time. YAWN...
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        Thanks to both of you for your comments.............

        My employer sent me all required documents at time of interview. What does NOID means?

        How many chances u would advice of getting visa stamped?