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  • Visa Status

    Hi Friends,

    I am in very confusion mode. Don't know what to do.
    a) Actually this year i got my H1B approved thru one company. But currently I am working on L1 with other company. But my H1B holder company saying me to join them asap, without confirming any project in this current market condition.
    b) what is COS and when it starts and how?
    c) how long i could work on my L1 ?

    Need help.

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    COS = Change of status

    In most cases when the applicant is present in the U.S., H1 is applied with COS. If this H1 is approved with COS, the H1 start date is Oct 1st. On Oct 1st, the status changes to H1 and you cannot work for L1 employer after Oct 1st.

    Did you travel any time around Oct time?

    You might be out of status.
    Check out H1 FAQs first!


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      Visa Status

      How do i know the current company applied for COS?


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        Please ask your employer if he has filed your H1B with COS. This is very important.

        Also, do you remember giving a copy of your I94 ?