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  • H1B Transfer

    Dear ,

    I'm in India and work for an employer A who sponsered my H1B , I got it stamped successfully valid for 3 years from now.

    As lay off is going on in many IT companies in India too, my status is 50:50 here in this company. They dont have projects in US .

    Now my questions are :
    1: Can I get my H1B transfer to any employer in US while being present in India ?

    2: I have I 797 & LCA papers for client in US given by my company, can I travel to US to the city mentioned in LCA and can show the same at POE , as my all relatives also live there so can I board another flight from there to my destined city in gap of few hours (hope so there would be no difficulty) my relatives are helping me in getting H1B transfer to employer in US .

    3: If I layed off so could request my employer in India for not revoking the H1B then will my H1B will be valid or not ? please tell me the best possible ways to transfer the visa and land in US I already read around 500 THREADS of urs and sincerely need the best possible ways to get things done.

    4: Can the H1B transfer is done in India for an other IT company in India while me being present in India only .

    Requesting you to please provide answers to all above in detail , would be very much obliged to you as I dont want to miss any chance.

    Many Thanks. God Bless you.