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  • txh1b
    Irrespective of when the I-94 expires, you fall out of status immediately upon termination. You need to look for an employer immediately and have your H1b transfer filed within a week of your last paycheck.

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  • H1EMP
    started a topic H1 Transfer

    H1 Transfer

    I got a termination mail from my Company that, My last day will be close of business hours 29th December 08.

    Now my question is my H1b will expire on 29Th Dec( that means do I need to move to another company before 29 Dec) or I will on H1b status till my original H1 and I 94 expires( 2Nd April 2009).

    My main concern is if I have some time to search for another Company ,I will start looking for other companies,or if I need to move to some company before 29 Dec then I need to do it in this week only without looking for Company profile clearly.

    Is there any time frame to transfer H1 .

    Thanks for your help.