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  • payment

    Im on H1b. I just transferred my h1b to another employer.My previous employer is not paying me my salary saying that the timesheets have not reached them on time. Also they are not replying emails. What should I be doing next?

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    Did you send your ....

    ... timesheets when due? Do you have copies of your signed timesheets?

    Send them again via certified mail.

    If you really want to fight it out, send a notice through an attorney. This of course matters on how much money is involved.

    Finally, you can also complain to DOL, however, that's a slow process.

    Good luck.


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      Timesheets not reaching them is not an excuse to not pay. If they get the timesheets late, it will just delay the payment, not an excuse to completely skip paying for it.

      Don't waste any time with such jokers. Just file a complaint with the state DOL and they will get your money. Texas DOL was pretty quick to respond and hold a hearing from my dealings in the past.

      I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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        One catch ....

        .... if the employee himself/herself is unable to send the timesheets signed by his/her client to his/her employer, then the employer does not know whether the employee did work for this client in that period or not.

        However, if the timesheets do not reach the employer from the client, then it's not the employee's fault and his/her salary needs to be paid on time.

        Take care.


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          Thanks everyone for the responses.
          The timesheets were faxed on time but after the resignation somewho it stopped reaching her. I mailed the timesheets and she confirmed they reached. Now she doent reply to my mails. Do I need to give her a warning before sending the notice?


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            No warning necessary ...

            file the complaint and send the notice. If they owe you your salary for the work you've done, you need to get the money right away.

            Later on or now you may also send a letter to your client stating that your employer held back your salary. This will put your employer on the black list.

            Good luck.