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    Jan 2008 - Oct 2008 ----I am holding Company A H1
    Oct 2008 - till date----I am holding Company B H1
    I got the approval for my H1 Transfer.
    I got the W2 document from Company B.
    But i don't have W2 document form Company A.
    I have all pay stubs of company A as well as Company B.
    I am planning to send my wife and kid for h4 interview in india.

    1) Do i need to send the W2 of Company B for H4 Visa interview?
    2) Do i need to get the W2 of Company A and send it along with Company B W2?
    3) Do i need to send W2 of Company B along with the pay slips of Company A?
    4) Sending all the pay slips of Company A and Company B is enough?

    In case if Company A says we cann't give W2 to you? What have to do for that?

    Thanks in Advance.
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    If you ever worked for an employer, they have to issue you a W2. Now, if you have violated the terms of a visa by being on bench and not getting paid, that is illegal and will cause problems. You need to complain about A to DOL on a WH4 form if they have not paid you.

    If they did and are refusing a W2, complain to IRS.

    You have to send all the items that prove you have been maintaining proper status and getting paid. This includes paystubs as well as past W2s.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      I got paid for all the months from company A.I asked the W2 form from my company A.They said they are going to give W2 form.Hope i will get it.

      Thanks a lot.

      Ramesh Babu.