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earliest application for H4 visa on my case

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  • earliest application for H4 visa on my case

    Good day!

    I have been to the US under a tourist visa, i stayed there for 10 months because I applied for extensions. My second application for an extension was denied, so I have to come home right away. My boyfriend went to the states under working visa and we decided to get married so I can apply for an H4 visa. Im currently here in my country and I want to know when is the earliest time for me to apply for an H4 visa? It has been 3 weeks now since we got married.

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    You don't have to wait, you can apply immediately. Make sure you state details of your past stay correctly in the forms.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      thanks for the reply kabkaba... do you have any idea what are the documents that I need to bring for H4 visa during the interview at the US embassy? thank u so much..