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Would like the know the best time for H-1B Visa stamping renewal

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  • Would like the know the best time for H-1B Visa stamping renewal


    Iam in a precarious situation, as such it has been only 3 + yrs for me on H1B Visa and recently when I transferred my visa from Company A to Company B ,I got only one more of H1 Validity or extension...citing my contract is till end of this year.The question considering the volatile situation for H1B Visa holders,will it be right option to go for H1 Visa stamping renewal to Canada/Mexico..so that I get renewed for 3 + yrs...will the embassy take into consideration my stay in US or my current i-797 validity which is still Dec'09.

    The only reason why I want to take this step is Iam planning for a trip to India sometime in Jun'09 and dont wanna run into problems back in India for visa renewal stamping ....or do I have to wait till end of year when I will be extending my H1...Pls suggest Do's & Dont's Thanks
    Last edited by yas4sm; 04-23-2009, 03:55 AM. Reason: FYI , my first 3+ visa stamping in Passport expired in Sept 2008 and I my current H1 petition & i-94 is till end of year 09

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    If your petition was approved only for one year, the visa granted will also have the validity date only through the expiry date of the petition.